Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information

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There are fewer things we love more than sweet tea, porch swings, and Georgia peaches – but our wholesale clients are one of them!

We are honored to have Southern Charm Textiles embroidered pillows and tea towels displayed at retail storefronts throughout Georgia and beyond.

We take great pride in handcrafting our distinct product line and even more pride in our customer service. Our catalog and pricing sheet make ordering a breeze. With an impeccable response rate and turnaround time, you’ll have our pillows and tea towels lining your store shelves before you know it.

Interested in learning more? Contact us directly. We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you have about joining our growing list of wholesale clients.

Wholesale FAQs

Does Southern Charm Textiles work with wholesale clients outside of Georgia?

You bet! While several of our wholesale clients are in and around the Atlanta area, we work with those who are in different states as well! Check out our Retail Storefronts page for a better idea of who currently makes up our wholesale client list.

Do you require a minimum order?

Great question! Yes – we require a minimum order of 20 pillows or 20 towels. You may include up to 5 designs in your wholesale order.

How much do your pillows typically retail for?

We wholesale pillows for $16/each and the suggested retail price is $28-$35/each.

How much do your tea towels typically retail for?

We wholesale tea towels for $7.50/each and the suggested retail price is $15/each.

What are the pillow dimensions?

Pillows are 12×16 inches with an envelope closure which allows for easy removal/cleaning.

What are the tea towel dimensions?

Tea towels are 26″ x 20″ with a hanging loop. Each towel has a woven red stripe on each side.

What fabric do you use for your pillows?

Pillow covers are made of 100% unbleached cotton for a rustic/farmhouse look.

What fabric do you use for your tea towels?

Tea towels are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.

Where do you manufacture Southern Charm Textiles products?

Our pillows and tea towels are all machine embroidered in our studio in Decatur, Georgia.

Do you have a catalog I could view?

Absolutely! You can access our catalog by clicking this link. And, as always, you can reach out at any time with your questions!